Company News June 2014

As of May 2014,

Atlas Enforcement Ltd is no longer part of the SIA Approved Contractors Scheme. 

We'd like to thank everyone for all their hard work over the last few years in helping to gain and maintain our ACS status. We will however continue to the same high standards as we have previously maintained and is no reflection of our quality or standards. ACS is an optional scheme where we have been actively involved with however due to the delay in legislative changes and Compulsory Business Registration, we shall wait to see the outcome of the reformation of the SIA before we decide whether or not to re-join the ACS scheme in the future.


Atlas Enforcement Ltd has finally received the news that we have been accepted and are now safecontractor Registered and Accredited!

This is a great day for Atlas Enforcement Ltd. The safecontractor award demonstrates a company's ability to show that it is health and safety compliant. I hope now that the fact we have gained safecontractor accreditation, it will prove to potential and existing clients that Atlas Enforcement Ltd is a responsible and reputable company, who is trustworthy, maintain integrity and more to the point, health and safety compliant. Along with our SIA ACS and BPA AOS Accreditations, Jason would like to thank staff for their hard work and compliance in achieving this award.


Member of the British Parking Association
Approved BPA OperatorAtlas Enforcement Ltd has now been approved by the BPA (British Parking Association) from October 2011.

This has involved many hours of hard work and the car park management team are now able to issue PCN (Parking Charge Notices).   This area of the business has seen significant growth during the last 12 months and we hope to continue the momentum for 2013.


When ejecting if you have to use force it must be REASONABLE, PROPORTIONATE and NECESSARY.  Remember if it is not necessary to use force it can never be reasonable or proportionate or even within the law.  Remember COMMUNICATION before CONFRONTATION.

1. Ejections should be done in pairs, a minimum of two persons protects all concerned from possibilities of injury, prosecution and legal claims.

2. A person who is compliant should be walked through the main entrance and the front door staff should be informed of the ejection to prevent re-entry.

3. A person who actively, aggressively or seriously resists ejection should be taken out through the nearest exit to avoid any further incidents.  If force is used it should be proportionate, reasonable and necessary in the circumstances but should ensure the person is kept under control where possible.  Again Front door staff should be informed of the ejection to prevent re-entry.

4. An incident form should be completed for all ejections where force was required to restrain and eject a person or when threats are made.

Particular emphasis should be on calling for support and where practical ensuring that ejections are carried out by two or more door staff.




The way that you speak to people can either help or hinder you in your efforts to communicate and get the right response from the other person.  You should speak confidently and politely to customers in a manner and  in language that they will fully understand.  If explaining a legal requirement to someone you should put it in plain speech so as not to confuse the customer with legal jargon and should not try to use jargon or phrases, which are exclusive to the job.

Do not use insulting terms or phrases to describe groups of people ever to other supervisors.  Some words exclude or undermine certain groups of people, reinforce stereotypes or carry negative undertones.

Sometimes particular situations will require you to use your authority to calm the proceedings and to prevent problems from escalating, whereas at other times a friendly approach would be more appropriate.

Explaining your situation and telling the other parties what you would like to happen and why will often bring about positive results if they can see that you are willing to help.



If a queue forms outside the venue as large numbers of people wait to get in, then the queue itself should be monitored.  Walking along the length of the queue allows you to talk to customers prior to entry, again allowing them to assess the attitude of the crowd and individuals in it.  As you are the first and last point of contact for the venue please remember to say good evening on arrival and good night on departure.




All Door Supervisors, please be aware that international ID’s are a recognised form of ID to prove age. There has been a number of incidents where people have been turned away from venues when producing these.  



Noise Regulations was brought out in 2005 to make sure that people do not suffer damage to their hearing.  Working in bars and Night Clubs you maybe at risk from over exposure to noise and where reasonably practicable you must try to reduce the damage that maybe caused to your hearing.

Remember to rotate your positions from noisy hot spots frequently with your work colleagues.  It is also important to use and wear correctly the ear plugs you have been provided with.  Please see your Head Doorman if you require a new set of ear plugs as we recommend that you use them.  Should you ignore and fail to use hearing protection properly tat has been provided by Atlas Enforcement then you may be disciplined following the companies disciplinary procedures process.



Atlas Enforcement, as part of our commitment to support local community projects we are proud to work in conjunction with the Street Pastors Project. The Street Pastors Project is an inter-denominational Church response to urban problems, engaging with young people who feel themselves to be excluded and marginalised - and who is willing to engage people where they are, in terms of their thinking (i.e. their perspective of life) and location (i.e. where they hang out - be it on the streets, in the pubs and clubs or at parties etc). As the Street Pastor gets to know people in the community he/she will find out their needs are and what can be done to help. A presence of Street Pastors will earn credibility in the community, so that people know that the Church is there for them in a practical way. The role is not about preaching heaven and hell, but one of listening, caring and helping - working in an unconditional way. If you would like to find out any further information then please Tel: 01332 388684 or visit their website: